Chakra Test

Human Chakras That Can Be TestedTaking a chakra test is the easiest way to find out which of your chakras are not functioning correctly.

We have been hearing a lot about chakras being linked to holistic and spiritual health, wondering constantly what are they and how they can influence our lives in any way. Since they were firstly mentioned in Buddhism and Hinduism thousands of years ago, chakras have become very popular and they have been mentioned in numerous health publications, concerning many specialists from all over the world. Chakras are said to be points or knots through which vital energy moves and there are several chakras located in the subtle (non-physical) human body, among which only seven of them are considered the most important ones.

It was said that every person has these seven chakras in his subtle body, helping  to achieve a sense of physical well-being when all of them are perfectly balanced and the energy is flowing freely throughout the body. Also, the person whose chakras are balanced will attain mental clarity and will experience the divine connection with the Universal life energy.

Many people are wondering whether their chakras are functioning correctly or not and you are surely one of them, aren’t you, reader? Testing the functionality of your chakras is not as difficult as you think as long as you know yourself and you can act as an objective observer of yourself. Sometimes, the best option you have when you want to know whether your chakras are working accurately or not is using a chakra test, which can help you find out exactly the answers you need for your questions and will help you know if you need any help or not.

There are several chakra tests that can say whether your chakras are functioning well or not. These tests consist of different questions targeting various aspects of your life – for instance, “Are you creative?” These questions are related to the way your chakras work and they demand complete sincerity from you, so you can find out the correct answer. A chakra test works exactly like an IQ test: you answer several questions and, based on your responses, you will receive a final conclusion, which might tell you if your chakras function correctly or not.

You should know that, in some cases, these chakra tests might target your physical body as much as the subtle one, given that sometimes, certain parts of it are strongly associated with the seven chakras mentioned above. The entire test should include all the possible questions that are somehow related to the chakras, so there need to be dozens of them in order to get a good result.

As for the questions targeting your physical body, the test will ask you if you are feeling well, if certain parts of your body are in pain, if you feel like you are not in your body and the others. For the spirit and mind, you will have to answer various questions about your lifestyle, creativity, mind clarity, inner peace, self-confidence and other similar topics.

However, there is not one single type of chakra tests, given that there should be plenty of questions for body, mind and spirit. You may choose to take three tests, each of them targeting only one of these three instances. This will be much more helpful in finding out whether the chakras work correctly or not. You should be able to find many of these tests online, but a better option is calling a physic or energy healer, who can create a customized chakra test just for you and can interpret your answers based on them.

As mentioned above, it is extremely important to be sincere and never hide the truth, no matter how much it bothers you. Remember that, if you want to find out whether your chakras work correctly or not, you have to be courageous enough and take action right away, which is why you need to offer your most honest answers. Usually, these tests will not take you longer than ten or fifteen minutes, based on the time you answer each question in.

Opening your chakras does not require you a severe life style or very serious changes; with proper care and a positive attitude you can achieve much more than well-being – a perfect balance between your body, mind and spirit.

More About Chakras

A chakra is an energy point in the human body. In Sanskrit, the word chakra translates as “wheel or disc of energy”. A chakra is a spinning vortex which is shaped like a wheel.
The vortex whirls in a circular motion at very high speeds, forming a vacuum at
the center. The vacuum sucks in energy from anything which is vibrating at its
vibratory frequency.

There are a total of seven chakras in the body. These are The Root Chakra, Sacral Chakra, Solar Plexus Chakra, Heart Chakra, Throat Chakra, Third Eye Chakra and Crown Chakra. Each of these chakras is connected to a specific organ or gland in the body. The
energy which the chakras draw in is transferred to the different parts of the
body. They can affect those parts positively or negatively depending on the
type of energy.

The chakras each vibrate at a specific frequency. And each of them can draw in energy from different things which are vibrating at the same frequency. They can draw
energy from the sun, music, colors, other people, gemstones, toning and sounds,
aromas, many others. But, what exactly is this “energy”?

Let us take look at few examples. Take the energy of the sun for instance: how does the sum influence your moods? In sunny summer days, people generally feel lively, elated,
and vibrant. In winters days (when there is no sun), people tend to feel gloomy,
depressed and sad. Why is that?

Consider the effect of music on human emotions. When you listen to lively music, you feel energized and happy. When you listen to sad music, you feel gloomy and depressed. When
you listen to the happy tunes of a cartoon soundtrack, you feel relaxed and
playful. When you listen to eerie soundtracks of a horror film, you feel
terrified. What causes this?

The answer is simple; your chakras absorb the positive and negative energy from the different sources, and transfer them into your body. You thus “feel” the energy
vibrations in terms of mood and emotional changes.

The chakras transfer energy into the body through the different organs and glands to which they are linked. For instance, the Heart Chakra (also known as “the fourth chakra”) is linked to the heart, lungs and thymus glands. It transfers energy by
manipulating these organs. For example, lively music can cause the heart to
beat faster thus filling the body with vibrancy.

In order for a person to get the full benefits of the chakras, they all have to be receptive of
positive energies. This only happens when the chakras are all open and
receptive. When this happens, not only do they transfer positive energies, they
also permit the life force or “prana” to flow through them. Prana is a life
giving energy which courses through the seven chakras giving the body health,
vitality and life.

Sometimes there occurs what is called a “blockage”. A blockage occurs when one or more chakras are unable to receive positive vibrations. When this happens, the chakras
cannot transfer positive energies into the body. And it also blocks the free
flow of the prana. The end result is a range of physical, emotional and
psychological ailments.

There are several causes of blockages. They can be caused by repeated physical and emotional abuse or trauma. Especially when experienced in childhood, such abuse can lead to emotional or psychological scars. Such scars can manifest in anxiety, anger, tension, guilt and denial. These states generally cause blockages to the chakras. Other
causes are benign neglect, unforgiveness and repressed emotions.

In order to get the chakras functioning properly, the blockages have to be removed. The process of removing them is referred to as “healing”. There are a number of things which
can be done to facilitate healing. They include forgiveness, emotional healing, changing belief systems and psychotherapy. Others include physical exercise, aromatherapy, yoga, meditation, and heat therapy.

In a nutshell, those are the basics about chakras. It is important to note that each chakra has a specific set of yoga postures which can be used to stimulate it, maximize its
benefits or heal its malfunction. Generally, in order to enjoy the full physical, emotional and psychological benefits of the chakras, all the seven chakras have to be optimally balanced. With consistent yoga practice, this is a relatively simple state to achieve.

So, go ahead and take a chakra test as the first step of improving your mental and physical health.